About Us

HLS Since 2005

Hazardous Location Solutions (HLS) has supplied a range of thread conversion fittings that are available for use in industrial, marine and explosive atmosphere that are particularly suited to construction project applications installed. We have had industry-leading products, technical support and application assistance to the hazardous location markets. We operate an ISO 9001 quality system and supply to the top distributors in the industry.

Exceptional Quality and Value

HLS specializes in Ex equipment designed for use within the hazardous location and areas present in oil, gas and petrochemical installations. We manufacture our own range of explosion and flame proof adaptors, elbows, reducers, stopping plugs, and breather drains approved for use in both Zone and Division applications to IEC Ex, ATEX, A Ex, CEC and NEC standards.

If you need any assistance in product acquisition or information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We’re here for you.

Mark Fudil
HLS Manager

At HLS we strive on demonstrating our commitment to quality, supplying to the top distributors in the industry. Our products are manufactured to meet an ISO 9001 quality system, certifications, and approvals. We want ensure that the integrity of equipment and safety in hazardous environments is never compromised. To guarantee our duty we provide premier service to our distributors and customers by analyzing feedback and satisfaction on a regular basis.

Gary Cullen, Founder