Type D (D5) Stopping Plugs

Stopping Plugs

Stopping Plugs are used to seal unused cable gland or conduit entries in Ex approved Flameproof or Explosionproof enclosures, maintaining the hazardous location certification and the overall integrity of the installation.

Product Overview

Stopping Plugs provide a method of sealing off unused cable gland or conduit entries in hazardous area approved equipment while ensuring the integrity and Ex approval of the installation is maintained. They are designed to be installed from the outside of Ex approved flameproof or explosionproof enclosures. When installed they fall flush with the outside of the enclosure wall.

Stopping Plugs Products

Type ‘D’ (D5) Stopping Plugs

Type D (D5) Stopping Plugs

Type ‘U’ (U5) Dome Stopping Plugs

Type U Dome Stopping Plugs