Type N Elbow Adaptor

Type ‘N’ (Elbow) Adaptors

Type ‘N’ & Type ‘fN’ 90° Adaptors also known as Elbows are designed to provide a method of facilitating cable entry, through a cable gland or conduit, where space limitation precludes conventional entry. The design also provides protection for the cable which may be subjected to increased bending stress during installation.

Options & Data Sheets

  • Elbow N.34.34.N – 90 ̊ 3/4″ NPT x 3/4″ NPT Nickel Plated Brass [see data sheet]
  • Elbow N.12.12.N – 90 ̊ 1/2″ NPT x 1/2″ NPT Nickel Plated Brass [see data sheet]
  • Elbow N.20.12.N.NT – 90 ̊ M20 x 1/2″ NPT Nickel Plated Brass – Nitrile ‘O’ Ring*
  • Elbow N.20.20.N.NT – 90 ̊ M20 x M20 Nickel Plated Brass – Nitrile ‘O’ Ring*

* No data sheet available. Contact us for more information.